Quick and Easy way to make borders in Photoshop

If you are like me and love photography, you probably have a lot of pictures and sometimes when displaying them you want to give them a quick border to give them that little extra something! So here  I will show you a quick way on how you can make borders. There are many different ways of doing this but I find this the easiest and the fastest way of getting a simple border. So let’s get started:

Step 1:

Open the picture that you want to add borders to. Before doing anything else make sure your background color is black if you want a black border. If you want any other color, then just simply have that color selected as you background color.

Step 2:

Once you have decided on what color your border will be and made sure it was the background color go to Image>Canvas Size and press enter.

Step 3:

The Canvas Size box will open… Now make sure you check relative and you will see that the width and height will reset to zero. This step saves having you calculate at how much you want to expand you canvas.

I used 40px for my border – this gives a thin border. You can play around with the numbers until you are satisfied with the size of your border.




FINAL Result!

And here you have it…

(For better viewing just click on the pictures to get the high-res version)


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