Quick and easy way to touch up photos…

There are all kinds of tutorials out there on how to touch up photos and so many are so complicated or badly explained.  I will show you a quick and easy way to get this effect in this video. As you will see it is fast and easy and you can get some really nice results…



Inspirational 3D Typography

I remember seeing a tutorial on creating 3D text like this but they were using Xara 3D to create the text, which I unfortunately don’t have. Photoshop CS4 Extended does have some 3D effects which hopefully will make trying to recreate this a possibility! More

Cool Typography Effect

Like one of my teachers said – you will never get better at Photoshop or Illustrator by just reading articles or books, you need to practice and experiment! So this is me trying out different tutorials, today I came across this one  – “Creating a cool typography effect”. More

JQuery – Polaroid Photobar Gallery

I am always looking for different ways to display a photo gallery for portfolio, photography or personal websites. Here is a new one I came across today   – Polaroid Photobar Gallery. Can’t wait to try it out!

Design Tweets #3

Here are  today’s tweets that I found quite useful…

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